NativeDrumHeart’s manual for the making of Native American Style drums

also called Ceremonial or Medicine drum 

the Four Directions pattern 
by Cindy Green

Table of contents 

preparation- 3
 tools for drum- 4
template- 5
drumstick- 6
the plant people- 7
making the template- 8

making the drum- 9
prepare the frame- 10
arrange the lacing- 26
placing the frame- 33
cross tie- 36
wrap the laces- 40
practice wrap and wrap- 44

part 2

making the drumstick-  51
displaying the drum- 85

In Gratitude- 89
Materials list- 90

Bonus pages
It started when we lost our drums
caring for your drum
TailFeather Woman

Photographs of the author

copyright 2012-14 NativeDrumHeart