Drum Care
Caring for your Drum is something that you will want to practice. We owe it to the Spirit that is
within the drum to take care of it….to protect it, like a child.
~ Keep it out of extreme temperatures. If you MUST leave it in the car*, park in the shade (on
a hot day, or in the sun on a really cold day) and wrap it in a piece of fabric (a blanket or
jacket?) for insulation.
~Dampness will cause the head to get "floppy". Warm it gently (by a fire or heaternot
close!) before you play it. When it is in "perfect" tone, store it in a drum bag made specifically
for drum storage. If you hang it on the wall, make sure the temperature stays consistent
where it hangs.
~Occasionally, if it seems dry, you can rub a moisturizer on the head and strings. Hand lotion
is fine. Your drum can be cleaned with saddle soap….just go easy on the water.
~Each time you play it, or just pass near it, caress it and give thanks to the many living beings
whose bodies were used for the materials your drum was constructed of. (Or simply, thank
the Great Spirit!)
~ And please do play it often!! Don't let it die from neglect. This drum has a spirit that is alive
in it. Honor that.
*If at all possible please don't leave it in a hot car….ever! Otherwise you will risk warping the
frame or splitting the hide, possibly destroying it.